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“Can $47 Dollars Really Become $33,793.27 60 Days From Now?”
So how much have you made this month?

I’m not asking that to make you feel bad or good. 

It’s just a question. 

You see, we have to get “REAL” about what’s going on with your business?
The Thing Is...
If you are here reading this. There is a 99% chance that you are struggling with your business.


Maybe your business is doing “ok”, but you just aren’t where you want to be. 

The reason I know that is because I strategically targeted “You" with my marketing.

I targeted “You” specifically with my own marketing. 


I did it in a “very special” way... and I’d love to share the process with you sometime soon. 

I know that you are either an Entrepreneur selling physical products, a Network Marketer, an Affiliate Marketer or are in a Top Tier Program. 


Because of statistics, I know that there is a 94.6% chance that you didn’t make 10K last month. There is an 86% chance that you didn’t make 5K last month. And believe it or not, there is a 56% chance that you didn’t make a single dime.


How did I know that? Because of my marketing strategies. 


Now here’s the good part. 

Each of those numbers has an up side. Even though the percentages are smaller, there are people that did make some money. 

There are people who DID make $5,000 last month.

There are people who DID make $10,000 last month.

And there are people who made a hell of a lot more than that. Wink wink. 

Now, I’m specifically talking about Entrepreneurs offering physical products, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and people in Top Tier programs. 

People just like you. 

So the question is...

How did they do it? 


Can you?

Believe it or not. This sales contains your very first lesson. It’s a secret lesson. 

Can you figure out what it is?

Once you become a member you’ll definitely know the answer and be able to use it to start making more sales in your business than you know what to do with. 

Our membership will give you full access to our community and live training, the goal of which is to give you the ability to earn $33,793.27 per month and much more.
One of the most important things for you to understand about your membership with us is that we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing different marketing strategies. Then when we find one that works. We share it with you. 

You see in order to be successful at the highest level it takes ….
The thing is that TESTING like that costs money. A lot of money, and if you are just starting out with a limited budget, that could be a problem. 


In order to solve that problem we created some MUST HAVE features for you.
What’s Working Now 
 Monthly Traffic Webinar
Want to watch me live as I grow my 7-Figure business even bigger?

Every month I will show you EXACTLY what traffic I’ve been using and what the results have been. I’m completely committed to “your” success and while most successful marketers keep their strategies a secret. I decided on complete transparency. 
So here’s what this does for you:
1. I show you my most recent successful strategies with results.
2. You follow me and do what I do.
3. You start to feel how this works.
4. You become proficient over time.
5. You become a Leads and Traffic machine

The goal is to turn you into a traffic and leads machine. I want you to have your own Internet Traffic Factory.

Let me pay for ALL of the testing out of my own pocket.

Just follow my lead.

* These Webinars are Recorded and Archived for you to View Anytime*
Help From The Experts
Monthly HotSeat Webinar 
Jump in the hotseat and let us help you Build your Business Live

Every month we’re gonna take 2 - 3 members and put them in the Hot Seat Live. 

If it’s you, we’ll look at your Website, Your Funnel and Your Ads. We’ll help you tweak everything to get the best results possible and blow up your business.
It’s literally like we are right there next to you helping you build your business. 
While you definitely want it to be YOU. If it’s not you in the Hot Seat, you can gain a ton of KNOWLEDGE by watching our other members go through the process. 

We had many members come out of these and make huge gains in the following days.
* These Webinars are Recorded and Archived for you to View Anytime*
These two Features alone...
could literally change the game for you and put you on the fast track to a multi-six figure business. 

But….. There’s way more…. 

Next we have …
Done For You Strategies
We absolutely want to make things as simple as possible for you. 

So we’ve created Done For You PDF’s along with step by step over the shoulder videos showing you exactly what to do and what not to do. 
1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. And Our Numbers Spreadsheet!
The Done For You portion will literally take 90% of the thinking out of properly setting up your social media marketing platforms. That gives you more time to focus on making money.


If you’ve been struggling at all to get “CONSISTENT” traffic and leads for your business, then you absolutely owe it to yourself to at least give us a test drive. 
If you’re still not convinced. You’ll still get way more with your membership but before we even go there I want to be flat with you.

The thing is that this program is probably not right for EVERYONE and I don’t want to be wasting your time because time is very precious.

Is This The Right Program For You?
Who This Is For
Our membership is for hard working, serious action takers. For those that understand success does not come overnight but through consistent action over time. If you are serious about your business and ready to put in some effort then we are here to do everything in our power to make you successful.

Network Marketers - Who is your ideal candidate for your network marketing business? Well what if the people in your downline were all able to build powerful fan pages on Facebook. Their own high converting marketing funnels and could drive a ton of traffic. Would you like to have a downline loaded with people just like that?

If your company doesn’t allow you to market online. Don’t worry, that’s not longer an issue. We don’t teach you how to market your company. We teach you how to market “YOU.” It’s only on the back end that you promote your actual business. In reality that’s the way you should be building your business anyway.

Affiliate/Digital Marketers - Because we’ve all been making money online for about the past 10 years. We understand the ups and downs the come with being an online marketer. 

Google changing algorithms, Facebook shutting accounts down, Youtube doing the same. CPC increasing 300% overnight for no reason. 

Trust me We get it. That’s why joining with us is the perfect partnership. You can let us try out all of the latest strategies and just give you the best of the best. Let us use our marketing dollars to gather data for you. You just focus on turning that traffic into Sales. 

Small Business Owners - Now depending on how long you’ve been in business. The new way of marketing may or may not already be a part of your current business model. 

Whether it is or it isn’t matters less however than how much using the latest methods is actually impacting your bottom line. As a smart business owner, you know that the most important piece of your business is customer acquisition. That’s why you are here reading this now. 

In order to get new customers you MUST HAVE TRAFFIC and LEADS. 

That’s what we are here to give you. Once you see the amount of traffic and leads that our strategies can get for you. You’ll never want to leave us.
Who This Is Not For
If you are into fast money and believe in get rich quick schemes then this is not for you. 

If you are lazy and think money falls from the sky while you sit on the couch. Then this is not for you. 

If you are planning on sending in a support ticket for every single hurdle you come across while a member. Then this is not for you.

If you buy courses or programs and don’t follow up with action. Then this is not for you.
Membership Details 
(Everything Below Is Included In Your Membership)
What’s Working Now & Monthly Traffic Webinar - $2997 Value
I’m literally opening up the curtain and showing you my exact results over the previous month. 

- Live Webinar 
- My Marketing Budget Used
- My Most Recent Marketing Strategies Revealed
- Up to the minute Results Revealed
- 24 Member Access To the Recording

There is really no value that you could place on this. I’m literally showing you everything that I’m doing to run my own 7-Figure business. 
Monthly HotSeat Webinar - $1,997 Value
Let us into your house (virtually), sit next to you and literally help you build your business. 

- Live Webinar
- We Help You Build Your Site
- We Help You Build Your Funnel
- We Help You Create Your Ads
- 24 Hour Member Access To the Recording

2 - 3 members every month will have a chance to get into the hotseat. These hotseat webinars have resulted in highly successful marketing campaigns and big bucks in members pockets.
4 Week Factory Mastermind Coaching Program - $997 Value
Week 1 - Social Media

Module 1 - The Power of a Facebook Fan Page
Module 2 - The Major Keys to a Successful Instagram Account
Module 3 - Why You Need to Be on Twitter ASAP

Week 2 - Websites, Funnels, Lead Magnet

Module 1 - How to Create a Lead Magnet
Module 2 - Hack Our Funnels 

Week 3 - Video Setup and Content Creation

Module 1 - The Youtube Advantage
Module 2 - Creating Content For Your Website
Module 3 - How To Create and Leverage Live Video

Week 4 - Knowing Your Numbers

The Numbers (The Setup)
Scaling Up Your Numbers 
5 Marketing Pillars Of Success - $497 Value
The pillars are a perfect compliment to the 4 Week Coaching program and can be used in tandem. 

This course will walk you through the fundamentals you need to run profitable advertising campaigns. 

- Pillar #1: Websites 
- Pillar #2: Social Media
- Pillar #3: Content
- Pillar #4: Video
- Pillar #5: Know Your Numbers 
FREE Ticket To Our Live Event - $1497 Value
Each year we hold a live event where we focus on a very specific marketing strategy. Since new strategies are constantly being discovered there is always something new to be learned. 

Our events are always held at high end beautiful locations and are attended by some of the leaders in the marketing industry. 

Events are not only about the education, but also very much about the social aspects. The connections that you make with like minded entrepreneurs at events can be incredible.

I’ve personally developed friendships and partnerships at events that have highly enriched my life and my bank account. 

Our members are always provided a FREE Ticket to Attend. 
Expert Guest Webinars - $997 Value
We have great relationships with highly successful marketers from all over the world. Marketers that are EXPERTS in wide variety of strategies, some of which have never been revealed to the public. 

Because our industry is a very social and “friend” based industry. We are able to get some of our “friends” aka expert marketers on live webinars where they reveal some of their most recent successful strategies. 

In turn Vince has to agree to do the same for them. So it’s a win win, and you get to reap all of the benefits. 

You already know Vince is sharing EVERYTHING with you. Then you get other experts giving you sharing their KNOWLEDGE with you too. 
It’s Decision Time
Try us out for 7 days, and see what we do for you in that time. I promise once you see, you’ll never want to leave. 

You are literally 

ONE STEP AWAY from the business You’ve Always Dreamed Of.
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